A Post-hippie, Skate, Surf, Street, Neo-Tribal fashion label. Founded by visual artist Grace Ndiritu. Produced by Manoeuvre in Belgium.


Philanthropic Binge No. 1
Saturday 13 October 2018
COVERSLUT© fashion launch
20h - midnight
Venue: De Koer, Gent
Free entrance

Friends o Friends (FOF) lecteur club: Guillaume Ettlinger & Jérôme Valton
The Bells Angels: Simon Bernheim & Julien Sirjacq
DJ: Jess & Crabbe label : Bazzerk
Henna Tattoo - Manoeuvre Family
DJ Jeroen Goddemaer
Food - Mixtape Menu cooked by De Koer using supermarket leftovers
Models: Ezra Fieremans, Rosie Sommers, Hannah Bailliu, Mustaf Ahmeti

Philanthropic Binge No. 2
Activate fashion through spiritual trance dance!

Saturday 8 December 2018
Psychedelic Movie Night
17h - midnight
Venue: De Koer, Gent
Free entrance
Spiritual Dancer: Pantha Bhakti
Soap maker: Clara Vankerschaver

Free entrance with any purchase of an item of clothing by PAY WHAT YOU CAN (PWYC).
You will dance in these clothes the same night.
Please RSVP for this event:

Philanthropic Binge No. 3

Saturday 23 March 2019
Cult of The Kimono
20h - 23h
Venue: De Koer, Gent
Free entrance
Music: 10LEC6
Contemporary dance: Macha Collective

Philanthropic Binge No. 4
Saturday 1 June 2019
Bellatropica: Global South]
17h - 23h
Venue: De Koer, Gent
Free entrance
All ages
Music: Jo Zanders & Drom
Live hammock making

COVERSLUT© Pop-up stores
Friday 2 November 2018
18h - 23h
Venue: Eastside Projects Gallery
Birmingham, UK
DJ: Chooc Ly
Free entrance


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