A Post-hippie, Skate, Surf, Street, Neo-Tribal fashion label. Founded by visual artist Grace Ndiritu. Produced by Manoeuvre, Belgium.


Philanthropic Binge No. 2
Activate fashion through spiritual trance dance!

Saturday 8 December 2018
Psychedelic Movie Night
17h - midnight
Venue: De Koer, Gent
Free entrance
Spiritual Dancer: Pantha Bhakti
Soap maker: Clara Vankerschaver

We will be selling clothing from the brand new colourful collection of Elegant Hippie 'Tie Dye' for 1 night only!!

You will dance in these clothes the same night :)

Free entrance with any purchase of an item of clothing by PAY WHAT YOU CAN (PWYC).

Philanthropic Binge No. 3
Saturday 23 March 2019
Cult of The Kimono
20h - 23h
Venue: De Koer, Gent
Free entrance
Music: 10LEC6 label Ed Banger Records
Contemporary dance: Macha Collective

Philanthropic Binge No. 4
Saturday 1 June 2019
Bellatropica: Global South]
17h - 23h
Venue: De Koer, Gent
Free entrance
All ages
Music: Jo Zanders & Drom
Live hammock making


Philanthropic Binge No. 1
Saturday 13 October 2018
COVERSLUT© fashion launch
20h - midnight
Venue: De Koer, Gent
Free entrance

Friends o Friends (FOF) lecteur club: Guillaume Ettlinger & Jérôme Valton
The Bells Angels: Simon Bernheim & Julien Sirjacq
DJ: Jess & Crabbe label : Bazzerk
Henna Tattoo - Manoeuvre Family
DJ Jeroen Goddemaer
Food - Mixtape Menu cooked by De Koer using supermarket leftovers
Models: Ezra Fieremans, Rosie Sommers, Hannah Bailliu, Mustaf Ahmeti

COVERSLUT© Pop-up stores
Friday 2 November 2018
18h - 23h
Venue: Eastside Projects Gallery
Birmingham, UK
DJ: Chooc Ly
Free entrance


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