COVERSLUT© is a PAY WHAT YOU CAN fashion and economic research project from Grace Ndiritu. The brand is available at De Appel, Amsterdam. The 1st edition of the collection was supported by Manoeuvre.

A Happy Workplace is a Productive One


We at COVERSLUT© have decided to dedicate our economic structure to Class Warfare.

Even at this great time of intersectionality by race, queer and feminist folk - Class, the most under-discussed topic especially in Contemporary Art, means that Class Politics as defined by Marx - the struggle for political and economic power is still relevant today.

Inspired by Popova and the other Russian Constructivists, we at COVERSLUT© are interested in producing 'utilitarian' street clothing that are indirect opposition to Capitalism that turns female workers into a slaves without rights. Hence, the production of clothes by art students, refugees and migrants for COVERSLUT© is funded by the Flemish Art Department and the city of Ghent, some of the participants are volunteers, some receive benefits from social welfare, and some receive wages. Benefits of art-production return to all the makers.

As Popova said "The production of textile prints is the peak of artistic labour and the textile industry is the one true path for Productivists involving both workers and peasants (migrants)."

We at COVERSLUT© will use this uniquely Belgian flavoured financial base, through collaborating with the co-design textile studio Manoeuvre, to undermine the very idea of the sweatshop and its exploitation of textile workers. Thus, some of Manoeuvre's co- producers from Sudan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Bulgarian and Belgium have been asked to share their thoughts about marriage, womanhood, working with their hands and feminism in the very first issue of Almond Joy - the official COVERSLUT© zine.

Furthermore, at COVERSLUT© all profits made through the sale of COVERSLUT© clothing under Pay What You Can (PWYC) goes back to funding in the creation of new clothes. This allows COVERSLUT© to keep creating affordable collections of streetwear and to maintain successful collaborations with organizations within and outside of the museums and gallery structure, without adhering to the dictatorship of the S/S and A/W fashion calendar.

To conclude, at COVERSLUT© where it’s all about parties - fun, rave ones and not boring, political ones - will be throwing a series of Philanthropic Binges - one-off multi-generational, multi-racial, fashion dancehall events in collaboration with musicians, dancers, models and workers.

Holla! at you there....


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